Our 44th Reunion


Thuster and Narcissus (Anderson) Cannon

with Sherman Wallace and Joyce Parks




Thuster in 1963





Shirley (Steppes) Sanders and Richard Whitehead



Narcissus in 1963





Richard in 1963


Nancy in 1963



Lois (Blacksure) Driver, Sam Torns and Margie (Torns) Banks


Margie in 1963


Charles and Nancy (Gaines) Murphy


I have once again reached the end of candid photos that you have so generously shared  to use on this web site.  If you have any candid photos you would like to share of those below or more photos, please get with me at the above connection.  Thank you again to all of you who have made it possible to make our Class of 63 web site so full of memories.




High School Photos Of Others At The Reunion

Do you have candid photos of these classmates you can share?


Bonnie Chambers-Schipper


Helen McIntosh-Malone


Laura Butler-Dunn


Richard McClimans


Shelley Walter-Isaacson


Thomas Dickens



Cathy Gaffney-Wamp


John Juarez


Leroy Washington


Roberta Thompson-Green


Steven Kleiner


Victoria Gadany-McGlone


Florence Culpepper-Shelby


Joseph Yonan


Marcia Martin-Balderstone


Ronald Lakies


Susan Christner-MacDermaid


Mike Larson


Gloria Bloomquest-Schnepp


Jay T. Aldridge


Roger Sutherland


Sandra Gazso-Elliott


Sue Goodman-Birchfield


Patricia Tate-Odell


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