Our 44th Reunion








Steve Casner in June of  1963




Steve as our Reunion M. C.







The Alma Mater


To Central High a song we sing.

To praise her noble name;

Here's to her colors red and black

Of honored deeds and fame.



Join one and all to swell the song

Arousing chorus to prolong.

In reverence our voices raise

To Alma Mater's praise


Come wave her colors brave on high,

Her champions are we,

And pledge our faith to her in song

So strengthened we shall be.


Tho' years may roll and cares may come

In living letters set,

Our thoughts of you forever true

Will linger with us yet.



Class President, Dee Allen, addressing Reunion attendees



Rick is calling out the lucky numbers for the

door prizes and Steve is keeping talley.



Fight Song


On Flint Central, On Flint Central,

Tear right through that line.

Down the field and past the goal post,

Make a score this time.  Rah! Rah! Rah!


On Flint Central, On Flint Central,

Fight on for your fame.

Fight, fellow, fight,

And we will win this game.



Marilyn and Tom Wagamon

with Phyllis Paraschos-Garcia



Christine and Paul Cojeen



Joe Eufinger with Phyllis and Bill



Phyllis in 1963

Christine in 1963




Joe in 1963

Christine Hauser, Tom and Pat



Manya, Tom and Linda





Tom in 1963

Carol in 1963



JoAnn Stukkie-Johnson, Carol Burns-Blackwell, Barb Lueck-Steinkrauss

Pat Costello-Hand and Barb Bacon-Ewing






Barb in 1963






Vagios in 1963



Vagios Young and Jack Barber in August of 2007




Jack in 1963





     Let me share some thoughts about the 1963 FCHS gathering of eagles. What a great cement time is. You're thrilled to see people you hardly spoke to. You genuinely bond with people you didn't even know existed. You laugh uproariously with people; about whom you have dreamed, tearing their fingernails out one by one since 10th grade, and yes there's an element of schadenfreude when you see certain people. Time is also cruel; we're not saints, but we had a grand time any way didn't we?    

     I don't remember any of you being that funny and witty in high school. But, you all over achieved that weekend. I was surrounded by laughter and goodwill.

At a post reunion committee meeting,  Kathy LeBar or Cathy Gaffney told a story about an incident at a pre managed soiree that the ever effervescent and enthusiastic Richard Beal and his charming wife hosted. Beal, Rich Pope, and another Richard were standing together and someone said, "Look three Richards and they're all Rich." Beal without hesitation turned and repartees, "This is no time to be a Dick."

     Like I said I don't remember everyone being as witty and funny. Well maybe Beal was half as witty. I'm sure that if a poll of Beal's classmates and teachers were taken it would be almost unanimous that he was a half wit in high school. Err....sorry Dick.   I mean Rich. There were many incidents that weekend that deserve repeating and sharing. I heard all the laughter. I saw all the amused and pleased expressions. Send them in it's your duty to spread CHS spirit and laughter. Remember Stan Broome and give 110%!    










Joyce Statler-Hamilton and Sam Marko




Joyce in 1963




Alfred Glenn



Sam in 1963

Larry in 1963

Tim in 1963

Alfred in 1963





Bruce and Barb Monroe




Larry Dobler, Vagios, Tim Phillips and Pat




Curtis, Dorothy and Joyce











               Mrs. Kaye Robinson


                                                                                       Donn Robinson

Donn in 1963


Sam Torns and Lois Blacksure-Driver


Sam in 1963


Lois in 1963



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